CAA supports bill that protects landlords, tenants who call police


The California Apartment Association is supporting a bill that would add protections for property owners and tenants who make calls to law enforcement for help.

Assemlyman David Chiu

AB 2413 by Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, would prohibit local agencies from penalizing property owners or residents if they call law enforcement to report domestic abuse or other crimes or emergencies at the property. The bill also would prohibit landlords from evicting or otherwise penalizing tenants simply because they call authorities to get help. CAA did, however, help to make clear in the bill that tenants can be evicted if they create a nuisance at the property.

“Tenants should never live in fear in their own home, and rental property owners should never be hampered from relying on local emergency services to keep their employees and tenants safe at the property,” CAA writes in a letter supporting the bill.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee last week approved the bill on a 16 to 0 vote with one abstention. The bill now awaits a vote on the Assembly floor.


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