To help rental housing professionals prepare for the new year, the California Apartment Association has updated several rental forms and accompanying instructions.

The association also published this annual supplement to CAA’s Managing Rental Housing book (10th edition).

CAA staff create and update forms based on new laws, member requests, and questions submitted through CAA’s Landlord Helpline.

Although no forms required significant revision to comply with new laws, CAA did revise all its rental/lease agreement addenda by removing the repetitive top block (which named the residents and landlord and identified the property) so to shorten these forms. 

All new and revised forms are accessible through CAA’s rental forms page. For a complete list of forms that underwent substantial changes, see the 2023 Forms Change Chart.

Forms with major revisions and new forms.

Forms CA-060 through 097, BAAQ-001, F-001 and SC-001: Rental/Lease Agreement Addenda (Updated):  Revised by deleting the repetitive top block (naming the residents and landlord and identifying the property) to shorten the forms.

Forms CA-040, 041, 042 and CA-043: Rental/Lease Agreements (Updated): Revised to clarify that a “person authorized to manage” a property can be an entity and added a five-day deadline for resident payments related to damages, lost keys, fines, etc. that are due under the rental/lease agreement.

Forms CA-241 and 242: Notices of Expiration of Lease and Renewal (Updated): Revised to allow the Landlord the option of imposing a delayed rent increase.

Forms CA-273 and 276: Payment Plan Agreements (Updated/New): Payment Plan Agreement (Form CA-273) was revised to limit its use to only when a resident owes unpaid rent and a new Payment Plan Agreement (CA-276) was prepared for use when a resident owes other unpaid charges (other than rent).  The reason for this revision/new form is that the consequences of a resident’s default under such an agreement are different for rent vs. other unpaid charges and also to clarify how payments made are to be applied.

CAA also published its 2023 Managing Rental Housing Supplement to be used in conjunction with the 10th Edition of Managing Rent Housing.  The supplement summarizes the new laws for 2022-2023.