To help rental housing professionals prepare for the new year, the California Apartment Association has updated its rental forms and instruction sheets. The most significant change for 2022 is a mold information booklet that is required as part of the rental agreement for new tenancies. While this booklet must be provided prior to execution of the agreement for a new tenancy, CAA recommends that it also be provided when renewing a tenancy.

Earlier in the year, the association also published new forms for members to use to comply with the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act’s (CTRA) 15-Day Notice requirement and the COVID-19 Rental Housing Recovery Act’s special Three-Day Notice Requirement. Earlier this fall, compliance forms were published for local ordinances in Santa Ana and Fresno. CAA staff create and update forms based on new laws, member requests, and questions submitted through CAA’s Landlord Helpline. 

Forms with major revisions and new forms:

Forms CA-040, 041, 042, 043: Rental/Lease Agreements (Updated): Mandatory state pamphlet “Information on Dampness and Mold for Renters in California” added to all agreements. Defined terms were added to the agreements to clarify the applicability of each provision to the premises, the building, and/or the rental unit.

Forms CA-210 and CA-02 Support Animal Request and Documentation Packet, and Support Animal Addendum: Revised to use terminology from recent fair housing regulations (“support animals”) and to clarify that forms are not appropriate for use with service animals.

Form CA-019: Guarantee of Rental Agreement (Updated)Attorney fee provision revised to match the rental/lease agreement.

Forms CA-280, CA-281, CA-282, CA-283: Notices of Belief of Abandonment (Real and Personal Property) (Updated): Clarified counting of business days.

Forms for compliance with CTRA: These forms include Informational Notices, and 15-Day and Three-Day Notices for Non-Payment of Rent and other charges. These forms are available on the CTRA compliance page.

Santa Ana rent control: Forms and information for compliance with Santa Ana’s Rent Control, Just Cause and Anti-Harassment Ordinances are available here.

Fresno non-smoking: Forms and information for compliance with Fresno’s Non-Smoking Ordinance are available here.