CAA opposing pair of ‘just cause’ eviction bills


California lawmakers are again taking aim at the ability of landlords to terminate tenancies.

February brought the introduction of two “just cause” for eviction bills  — AB 1481 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and AB 1697 by Assemblyman Tim Grayson, D-Concord. AB 1481 marks Bonta’s second attempt to pass statewide “just cause” legislation in as many years.

Both Grayson’s and Bonta’s proposals would limit evictions to certain causes, such as failure to pay rent, a substantial breach of the lease, or use of the property for illegal activity. Criminal activity unrelated to the rental unit, however, wouldn’t count as a “just cause” under the bills. 

Under current state law, property owners can terminate a tenancy with a 30- or 60-day notice without listing a cause, although most rent control cities have just cause requirements.

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  • Neither of these take into account that the property owner should be able to make decisions about his property. Tenants do not own the property, so should not have more rights than the property owners. A balance should be established. There are many unforeseen circumstances that may need to be taken into consideration and waiting over 90 Days to received possession of their property would be unfair to owners. Maybe all tenants should be on a 6 month lease and the owner can opt not to renew?

  • I couldn’t agree more with Lenore’s comment. As a property owner, my business partner and I bend over backword to accomodate people who are having difficult renting elsewhere. The advantage being that they are often appreciative and are more likely to remain as long term tenants. However, regardless of a tenant’s credit rating or good rental history is no guarantee that they will be good neighbors to other tenants, to allow them peaceful enjoyment of their rentals, nor is their a guarantee of being a regular paying tenant who cares for their rental unit, doesn’t keep others awake at night, doesn’t have relentless visitors coming and going, respects that children should not be subject to certain behaviours that most parents would object too. Additionally, I may want to remodel a unit so that it can attract higher income tenants, thereby increasing the value of my property. Last I checked, our government is based on Capatilism. I have voted Democrat for most electsions and candidates, but between Gavin’s idea of allowing tenants to bring homeless into their rentals and these Bills AB 1481 and AB 1697, I may have to start voting Republican, and I would hate that. I need to look out for the bottem line, my income, my property. When Democrats are taking control from me on my properties, I will compelled to turn away. We are compassionate, to the extent that we can be, don’t take away our right to make decisions regarding tenancy, and don’t make us report a reason. Before you know it, there will not be any reason to be a landlord. Then watch what happens to the number of vacant rentals, and the quality of neighborhoods where the rentals exist. Why are the democrats going too far to the left? That’s exactly what will get the Republicans re-elected as we move closer to a Dictatorship.

  • I strongly agree with both comments. How can you get investors to build more “affordable housing” when all these ridiculous bills are on the table. I am a property owner and due to all the new laws and upcoming bills with more to come, I’m seriously considering selling my rental property. And further, who is setting the definition of “affordable”?

  • The Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause provides that “private property shall not be taken for public use, without just compensation.”
    Until the government caps what is “just compensation” for those instead investing in stocks and bonds, this is simply taking of ROI and corrupt politics.
    Trying to make the rental owners of this state subsidize the failure of the state to support housing when they incentivize the largest percent of homeless and illegals to reside here than in any other state is just plain insanity. ( Do not forget that redevelopment was abolished in 2012 by brown pilfering that money for the general fund. )
    Gasoline, cars, tuitions, utilities, etc. are far greater percent increased costs, than the cost of rent has risen in this state. Wages are the bigger issue?