The California Apartment Association’s Onsite Employee Agreement has been updated with the new California minimum wage for 2023 and the updated lodging credit figures from the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). 

2023 California Minimum Wage: $15.50

2023 Lodging Credit:

  • Single Employee: $875.33
  • Couple: $1294.83

This Onsite Employee form is for use when an employee is required to live at the rental property.  California law requires a “responsible person” to live onsite at properties with 16 or more units. The law also limits what a landlord can charge an onsite employee for rent and deduct from wages to account for the value of the unit.  The maximum monthly rent that can be charged to a resident manager is 2/3 the value to the general public.  If the rental value is used to meet the minimum wage requirement or is a used as a credit against wages, the amount is limited to the “lodging credit” determined by the DIR.

For more information, see CAA’s Onsite Employee Agreement and Instructions

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