What you need to know about landlord-tenant laws taking effect July 1


For many rental housing providers, July 1, 2020, may be a significant date.  

Under AB 1482, the state’s new rent cap and just-cause-for-eviction law, July 1 triggers additional notice requirements in new and renewed rental agreements. The start of the second half of the year also triggers additional recycling requirements for some businesses and opens the door to enforcement of the state’s new data-privacy law.  

AB 1482: requirements for rental agreements 

AB 1482, also known as the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, took effect Jan. 1 of this year and imposes rent caps and just-cause requirements on most residential rental properties in the state. Below, you’ll find specific requirements that apply to tenancies that start or renew on or after July 1, 2020:  

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