New warning signs now available

It’s time for California rental housing providers with 10 or more employees to prepare for a new Proposition 65 “safe harbor” warning regulation that takes effect Aug. 30.

Latest information available in this Industry Insight: Proposition 65 “Safe Harbor” Regulation Update

Under upcoming changes, a new, specific type of Proposition 65 sign will be required for property owners or management companies with 10 or more employees and an enclosed parking garage. A new Proposition 65 sign also will be required for such owners and managers with designated smoking areas on the property. Another change, not yet finalized, will ultimately allow some property owners to take down Proposition 65 signs and instead include warnings in their lease agreements.

Following the warning instructions in these new regulations provides a “safe harbor” that complies with Proposition 65, a law enacted by voters in 1986 that requires businesses with 10 or more employees to provide warnings prior to exposing any person to chemicals that cause cancer and or reproductive toxicity.

Since this warning methodology is not mandatory, a business …

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