Talk of rent control has arrived in Fresno.

Creating a rent board and the policy of rent control is one of the top recommendations in Here to Stay, a report commissioned by the city and prepared by The Thrivance Group.

In addition to rent control, the report calls for a city-run tenant deposit program, a rent board-controlled lease buy-out program, and mandatory extended leases for community organizers and advocates.

City residents, including rental housing providers, have until July 30 to offer their thoughts on the report and its recommendations. CAA urges housing providers to share their perspective by taking a city survey at We urge Fresno members to comment via this link.

Make it clear that rent control and stricter eviction controls are the wrong path for the city and will drive rental housing providers out of the market, making quality housing even scarcer here. Fresno, like all of California, needs to build more housing stock, single-family and multifamily, market-rate and affordable, to ensure housing stability.

Make your voice heard today!