A bill that would impose rent control and “just cause” eviction policies statewide won passage Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The legislation advanced on a 6-1 vote with one abstention. It now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee, its last stop before the Senate floor.

The bill would cap annual rent increases at 7% plus the consumer price index — the same formula adopted earlier this year in Oregon. The bill would apply to nearly all of California’s rental housing stock, including apartments and some single-family homes, and it would apply in jurisdictions where voters and local elected leaders have rejected rent control policies.

The bill’s passage came despite staunch opposition from the California Apartment Association and its allies. These opponents argued that the wide-reaching policy would exacerbate California’s housing shortage and place homes further out of reach for working families. As with previous hearings for AB 1482, hundreds of rental housing providers flooded the Capitol in a stand against rent control.

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