California electric vehicles sales broke records in 2021, as new registrations climbed 68% year-over-year. Plug-in vehicles surpassed 11% of new car sales, a figure expected to grow rapidly as the state moves towards its target of 100% zero-emissions vehicle sales by 2035.

Multifamily properties will play a key role in accelerating charging access to meet the fueling needs of more EV drivers. Over the next three years, state agencies are prioritizing funds to rapidly install more EV charging stations in apartments and condominiums to meet this demand.

These investments are part of a comprehensive package that includes $1.5 billion from the California Air Resources Board to help reduce the cost of EVs and $1.4 billion from the California Energy Commission to help property owners provide the charging ports to fuel these vehicles. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent 2022 Budget proposal would infuse an additional $6.1 billion for zero-emissions transportation rebates and programs. 

Many local utilities and community choice energy providers offer added incentives and programs to help multifamily properties install charging infrastructure. Over $500 million from combined utility-sponsored EV charging incentives will soon be available across the state. In Santa Clara County, multifamily property managers can utilize Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s FutureFit Assist program for free technical support, site assessments, and assistance with applying to incentive programs.

Getting Started

  • Planning is essential to obtain incentive funding — including estimating demand, defining an ownership and billing model, and a high-level design.
  • Find incentives to upgrade your property with Search for EV charger funding opportunities for businesses in your area.

Now is a great time to plan for EV charging upgrades and prepare for incentive opportunities for your property. Contact your local community choice energy provider or utility and ask about multifamily EV charging programs offered in your area.

Hannah Gustafson is a senior energy services specialist at Silicon Valley Clean Energy.