In Southern California, a majority of the local candidates supported by the California Apartment Association’s Political Action Committee emerged victorious in the June primary.

South Bay —  Long Beach and Torrance

In Long Beach, CAAPAC-supported City Council incumbents Stacy Mungo and Roberto Uranga won their primary run-off races for the District 5 and District 7 seats, respectively. Long Beach is not only a priority because of its considerable amount of rental housing, but for its regional significance — being the second largest city in Los Angeles County and the seventh largest city in the state. The city is also fighting off tenant advocate cries for rent control. In neighboring Torrance, CAAPAC-supported incumbent Councilman Tim Goodrich also secured another term, garnering 21.4 percent of the vote.

Santa Barbara

In the city of Santa Barbara, CAAPAC-backed candidate Michael Vidal lost his City Council bid against establishment candidate Oscar Gutierrez. Gutierrez won the District 3 seat in a special election after securing 52.9 percent of the vote compared with Vidal’s 36.4 percent. Santa Barbara also has a history of tenant groups seeking renter protections. In February, the City Council voted to create an ordinance requiring mandatory lease offerings for renters.

Riverside and San Bernardino counties

In San Bernardino County, CAAPAC-supported candidates …

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