Despite strong opposition from local rental owners led by the California Apartment Association, a divided San Jose City Council voted Tuesday to study a series of possible changes to the city’s rent control ordinance.

In the past month, the City Council heard the emphatic voices of rental owners who attended three public meetings, made phone calls, and sent hundreds of emails opposing changes to the city’s rent control law.

Because of this work, CAA’s Tri-County Division has been able to fight for a fair and deliberative process, not arbitrary changes that lack basis in fact, law or economics. And, CAA commends the efforts of Vice Mayor Rose Herrera and Councilman Johnny Khamis, who pushed for these principles.

Moreover, CAA Tri-County thanks the rental owners who stayed at the City Council meeting for six hours on Tuesday, June 23, to have their turn at the microphone, and it applauds those who had to leave before they were called to speak.  CAA recognizes the value of its members’ time.

Although the City Council did make studying possible changes to rent control a priority for the coming fiscal year, Tuesday’s action did not make any changes. Rather, it initiates the process to evaluate the various proposals to amend the current law including:

  • Reducing the maximum allowable rent increase from 8 percent
  • Considering the feasibility of a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance
  • Requiring rental owners to accept Section 8 Vouchers

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