CAA calls on housing providers to speak out

The California Apartment Association has concerns over plans from the mayor and the City Council president to overhaul San Diego’s longstanding “just cause” for eviction rules, which currently apply to residents after two years of tenancy.

Mayor Todd Gloria

The proposal from Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo Rivera would repeal the “Right to Know” ordinance and institute new tenant protections and regulations on rental housing providers. The proposal would:

While some rental housing associations appear to be comfortable with the mayor’s plan, CAA remains neutral and will determine its formal position based on member feedback. Click here to share your feedback on this proposal.

Council President Sean Elo Rivera
  • Institute just-cause eviction rules on Day 1 of tenancy, which is more restrictive than state and local law.
  • Require that landlords give tenants more time to correct certain lease violations before moving forward with eviction.
  • Force landlords to pay up to three months’ rent as relocation assistance to tenants who are asked to move due to a renovation, owner move-in, or unit being taken off the market.
  • Create unknown additional assistance for tenants, possibly including legal counsel and mediation.
Melanie Woods

“Housing providers are not the cause of San Diego’s housing and homeless crisis. Overreaching regulations will only hurt the affordability and availability of sorely needed rental housing in the city,” said Melanie Woods, CAA Vice President of Public Affairs for San Diego County.

If you provide housing in the city of San Diego, please take CAA’s survey about the mayor and council president’s plan. Your feedback will help the association determine its position on the proposal. Please also be ready to speak out in the coming weeks as the mayor and council president will likely engage in stakeholder outreach while refining their proposal. Their hope is to introduce the ordinance to the full council in early 2023.