Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has informed the California Apartment Association that he will propose a temporary 5 percent rent cap as part of his strategy to address the city’s affordable housing shortage. Steinberg plans to make his proposal at the Tuesday, Sept. 4, City Council meeting.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

CAA urges rental owners and property managers to attend this meeting and demonstrate the industry’s opposition to any form of rent control. Members are urged to sign up to speak against the mayor’s proposal during the public comment period.

“We attempted to reach an agreement with the mayor on reasonable alternatives to rent control,” said Jim Lofgren, CAA senior vice president, “but he still wants the City Council to consider a rent cap. We respectfully disagree with him and hope the City Council rejects rent control, temporary or otherwise.”

Lofgren said there is no such thing as a “temporary” rent cap because such measures typically become permanent. In addition to a rent cap, the mayor is expected to propose some form of “just cause” tenancy termination restrictions that make it more difficult and costly for rental owners to remove problem tenants.

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