Rental housing industry expresses frustrations with L.A.’s new waste-hauling franchise system


Forty-five representatives of the multifamily housing industry testified Tuesday about their ongoing frustrations with Los Angeles’ new waste-hauling franchise system.

Since the program, RecycLA, rolled out in July 2017, members of the California Apartment Association have seen a dramatic decline in service, including multiple missed pick-ups, while rates have soared by as much as 400 percent.

On Tuesday, rental property owners, organized by CAA, shared their stories at an Energy and Environment Committee hearing at City Hall.

“Everyone who testified reiterated that their frustration has nothing to do with the program’s environmental goals, but rather the cost of the program and the problems associated with multiple missed pick-ups,” said Beverly Kenworthy, a CAA vice president who rallied members to the hearing.

Kenworthy said members have trash piling up in their communities, a problem that is adding to pest control and janitorial costs and causing a hardship for renters.

CAA LA is organizing its members to be part of a developing coalition that will work with the city to address these issues with RecycLA.

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