If you’ve applied for pandemic-related rental assistance, you may get an email from California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Program with an invitation to get paid via Bill.com.

CAA has confirmed with the state’s Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency that these emails are legitimate.

This type of email may begin with the following lines:

Action Needed To Complete Your Rental Program Payment

A Rental Program application associated with your profile has been approved and is ready for payment.  Please use the secure link below to sign up and validate your bank account information so we can submit your payment for processing. 

All ACH deposits will be processed through Bill.com, a secure, third-party payment system. 

“This is a legitimate email from the Rent Relief program,” a state official told CAA in an email. “ It is the Bill.com ACH [automated clearing house)  invitation for applicants to receive payment, which we include information about in our approval letter.”

If you haven’t applied for rent relief yet, please visit California’s Housing Is Key page at housing.ca.gov.

For further guidance on applying for aid, visit CAA’s special page on the rental assistance program.