An initiative that would bring rent control to National City, a municipality in San Diego County, has qualified for November’s ballot.

The San Diego County Registrar of Voters confirmed this week that the National City Rent Control and Community Stabilization Ordinance (accessible here) will be officially slated for November’s ballot.  The push for rent control in National City is being driven by the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.

The California Apartment Association is fully engaged in a campaign to defeat the measure and has retained a campaign consultant with expertise specific to National City.

“Along with coalition partners, ranging from the Realtors to building associations, we have formed a formidable committee to fight this foolhardy initiative,” said Whitney Benzian, vice president of public affairs for CAA San Diego.

If approved by voters, the ballot measure would create a rent board funded by annual landlord fees, cap annual rent increases based on the rate of inflation and impose “just cause” eviction policies.

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