Mountain View rent control takes effect after judge denies preliminary injunction


A judge Wednesday denied CAA’s request to keep Mountain View’s rent control ordinance on hold pending the association’s legal challenge to the measure.

The decision by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge William Elfving means Mountain View’s rent control law, passed by voters in November as Measure V, takes effect immediately.

Elfving’s ruling comes a day after hearing arguments from the California Apartment Association that Measure V should not be enforced while the association’s lawsuit is pending. CAA’s lawsuit asserts that Measure V is unconstitutional. The case continues to move toward trial.

Measure V had been scheduled to take effect Dec. 23, however, CAA obtained a temporary restraining order, which prevented its implementation. In addition to denying a preliminary injunction, Elfving lifted the temporary restraining order, activating all elements of Measure V.

“Obviously, we are disappointed by the court’s decision, but this is only a temporary setback in our efforts,” said Joshua Howard, CAA’s senior vice president for Northern California. “The merits of our challenges have not been decided, which will occur in the next stage of the proceedings.”

While CAA continues its legal challenge against Measure V, it is important that rental property owners and managers in Mountain View follow the law. Click here for general compliance information regarding the measure.

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