Debra Carlton, senior vice president of public affairs for CAA, took part in an NPR forum Wednesday morning about a proposed ban on smoking in apartments across California.

Carlton and Assemblyman Marc Levine, the author of the anti-smoking bill, took questions

Assemblyman Marc Levine

Debra Carlton

Michael Krasny

from “Forum” host Michael Krasny. Several listeners also participated in the show, aired on San Francisco’s NPR affiliate,  KQED.

Click here to listen to the interview and read listener comments.

Under Levine’s proposal, California would become the first state in the nation to ban tobacco smoking in apartments. His bill also would apply to condos.

AB 746 focuses on attached housing and would not affect single-family homes.

A law sponsored by CAA in 2011 permits rental housing managers to ban smoking in their complexes. Levine’s bill would take away that choice.

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