The California Apartment Association has defeated a proposal to extend Los Angeles County’s emergency eviction moratorium until Aug. 31.

The Board of Supervisors this week instead extended the moratorium until June 30. It can then be extended on a month-by-month basis.

Several concerning proposals, however, continued to advance and will come back for another vote.
These include proposals to:

  • Classify unpaid rent due to COVID-19 as consumer debt and create a “private right of action” for violations of the eviction moratorium order.
  • Explore a “right to purchase” private properties. Under this proposal, an owner needing to sell a property would first need to go through regulatory hurdles and offer it to designated organizations.

In the city of Glendale, CAA was able to secure payment installments into the 12-month deferment period. Now, 25% of the deferred rent will be due in quarterly installments. CAA’s compliance material will be updated shortly.

CAA staff has issued updated compliance information on the city of Los Angeles’ eviction moratorium and rent freeze.