The above map shows the various waste-hauling zones in Los Angeles and the designated waste-hauling providers for each one under the RecyclLA program.

Have you received an incorrect waste-hauling bill? Have there been missed trash collections at your property or business?

Chances are, if you live or work in the city of Los Angeles, you have experienced your own trash nightmare with the city’s waste-hauling franchise system, RecyclLA.

To help fix a wide range of problems with RecyclLA, the California Apartment Association has joined a new coalition, FixRecycLA, and is calling on L.A. rental housing providers to share their experiences with the trash-collection program.

In 2017, the city of Los Angeles launched the RecycLA program. The program divided the city into different zones where all commercial and industrial businesses, as well as large multifamily buildings, were to be served exclusively by one waste collection company, also known as a franchise service provider.

The program was intended to improve air quality and overall cleanliness of Los Angeles, but the system has generated an array of issues, ranging from dramatically higher costs and fees to missed pick-ups and subpar service.

Fixing the problem is necessary to keep rents stable and businesses solvent. If you’re interested in joining FixRecycLA, the first thing you can do is follow the coalition on Twitter, and urge your colleagues, friends, and residents to submit their own LA Trash Nightmares, so that FixRecycLA can show the city just how bad things are for Los Angeles residents and businesses.