If your company is helping victims of California’s wildfires, we’d like to hear about it.

As you know, recent wildfires, including the most destructive wildfire in state history, have consumed thousands of California homes, displaced scores of families, and created a massive need for housing assistance and other help.

As members of the rental housing industry aid in the recovery effort, we’d like to highlight that assistance on our website. Our hope is to create a one-stop resource page where fire victims, including displaced renters, can find the help they need.

Types of assistance might include:

  • Offering short-term leases
  • Waiving security deposits
  • Flagging vacant units
  • Donations of money, clothes, food or other goods

If you would like us to consider highlighting your work on this upcoming page, please summarize your company’s efforts in 100 words or less and send the information to Mike Nemeth, CAA communications director, at mnemeth@caanet.org no later than Friday, Dec. 7.

Be sure to include contact information so that fire victims can reach your company, and if available, a webpage where fire victims can learn more about the assistance being offered.

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