A growing number of cities are issuing eviction protections for tenants financially strapped by the coronavirus.

Major cities to adopt COVID-19 eviction restrictions include Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento. For a full list of cities that have approved such measures, visit CAA’s COVID-19 resource page.

Local governments considering COVID-19 eviction moratoria range from Anaheim to Fresno to Santa Cruz County. Visit the resource page for other jurisdictions weighing these measures.

CAA staff is updating the lists of moratoria each day, so check the resource page regularly.

The California Apartment Association continues its work to ensure that local governments that pursue moratoria adopt reasonable measures for both rental property owners and renters 

Moreover, CAA continues to pursue state and local funding to help renters make their rent payments and to assist landlords who may be experiencing challenges paying their mortgages during this crisis.

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