The Glendale City Council this week voted 5-0 against a rent registry proposal, sending a strong message that this unnecessary program has no place in the city.

The California Apartment Association opposed the plan, which would have required rental housing operators and owners to register their rental units and disclose information on their rent rolls.

Such a requirement would have exposed rental housing providers to unnecessary risks, including lawsuits, by invading the privacy of tenants, as it may have required owners to disclose their addresses, their utility costs, the number and size of their bedrooms and bathrooms.

City Council members clearly heard CAA’s message and shut down the idea of a rent registry in Glendale, said Matt Buck, CAA’s vice president of public affairs.

“When our members are threatened by bad policies, it is critical to have elected officials who listen and fully understand the impacts of an issue on their residents,” Buck said. “It was evident from City Council’s comments, followed by a unanimous vote against the rent registry, that CAA’s communication efforts hit the mark.”