As we approach Presidents Day weekend (Feb. 17-19), a time renowned for its mattress sales, the California Apartment Association reminds both tenants and landlords of the importance of responsible mattress disposal. This period often leads to a surge in the replacement of old mattresses, which unfortunately contributes to the issue of illegal dumping.

Eco-Conscious Choices for Mattress Disposal: Unwanted mattresses and box springs, while a common sight along roadsides and in vacant lots across California, can be disposed of in a more environmentally friendly manner. The nonprofit Mattress Recycling Council provides several no-cost, legal options for disposing of old mattresses responsibly:

Curbside Bulky Item Collection Programs: Local governments often offer curbside pickup services for large items like mattresses. This service might be available at no additional cost, but it generally requires pre-scheduling. Visit to find information about local collection services.

Drop-Off Locations: The Bye Bye Mattress program lists participating locations and upcoming collection events where you can drop off old mattresses. These are searchable on their website, making it easy for landlords and tenants to find nearby drop-off points.

Retailer Take Back: When purchasing a new mattress, consumers have the option to ask the retailer to take back their old mattress at no extra charge. This convenient service is part of the retailer’s obligation and is an effective way to ensure mattresses are recycled properly.

Despite efforts to educate, some tenants might still leave their mattresses behind. In such cases, landlords can utilize the Bye Bye Mattress program, which offers free drop-off locations and information about bulky-item pickup options.

Presidents Day Reminder: As you explore the enticing mattress deals this Presidents Day weekend, remember to make eco-friendly choices for your old mattresses. Visit to learn about easy, no-cost recycling options and help keep our community clean and green. #ByeByeMattress 🛏️💤