California’s statewide eviction moratorium, enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is wrapping up by month’s end.  

What do landlords need to do to prepare?  While reviewing payment ledgers, notices served and tenant declarations received is important, the action to take right now is to apply for rental assistance if you haven’t yet.  Your ability to collect the full amounts due in court and evict for non-payment may depend on your efforts to apply for assistance.  Apply at the state’s Housing Is Key website.

CAA staff members are now preparing additional compliance forms, papers and webinars to address (1) the expiration of the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act eviction moratorium on Sept. 30, 2021; (2) the opening of the small claims and civil court actions to collect COVID-19 Rental Debt on Nov. 1, 2020; and (3) the new three-day notices and unlawful detainer rules for non-payment of rental debt due Oct. 1, 2021-March 31, 2022.  For an introduction to these topics, see our AB 832 webinar, which is free to members,  and our CTRA compliance page.