Redwood City on Monday held a study session to review a 60-page report outlining a series of anti-displacement strategies ranging from the preservation of unsubsidized affordable housing and mobile homes to additional regulations on the rental housing industry.

Since 2019, the California Apartment Association and its members have participated in a series of workshops and focus groups in developing the “Anti Displacement Strategy” report. As a result, CAA’s comments about streamlining the city’s current minimum lease-terms law and AB 1482 are reflected among the eight city staff recommendations.

CAA urged the city to adhere to state eviction law and not impose “just cause” policies during the first year of tenancy, which the city met with agreement. The association also urged the city to amend its minimum lease ordinance so that it’s offered only at the initial tenancy. Further, members advocated for an income-eligibility requirement in the city’s relocation programs.

Over the summer, the city also presented “an opportunity to purchase” proposal to rental housing stakeholders. The proposal would have required landlords selling a building to offer a nonprofit the first right to purchase. The city, however, set aside the idea following a less-than-favorable response from housing providers and nonprofit developers.
In addition to landlords, tenant advocates attended Monday’s meeting and demanded more punitive regulations on the city’s housing providers. The tenant demands, however, failed to garner strong support from the City Council, leaving no clear path forward. The council indicated that any additional ideas must entail robust outreach and a full feasibility review due to limited city resources. CAA expects further participation in any future deliberations related to the report.

In the coming months, CAA expects the city will work on streamlining its minimum lease-terms ordinance and bringing its relocation assistance ordinance into conformity with state law.

If you have questions or are interested in future discussions of the anti-displacement report, please contact Rhovy Lyn Antonio at