Welcome to the California Apartment Association’s latest videocast!

Join Mike Nemeth, our marketing and communications director, and Debra Carlton, our executive vice president of state public affairs, as they discuss the implications of Senate Bill 466 and its potential impact on California’s rental housing market.

This proposed legislation is an attack on the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a landmark law that has shaped California’s rental market since 1995. In this vidcast, we delve into the specifics of the Costa-Hawkins Act, the changes proposed by SB 466, and how these changes could affect the rental housing market and the future construction of rental homes in California.

We’re committed to keeping you informed about important legislative developments that could impact the rental housing industry. Your voice matters, and we encourage you to get involved. Please share this vidcast with others and reach out to your senator to express your views on SB 466.

Contact your senator with this link: https://caanet.quorum.us/campaign/47853/

0:03 Introduction
0:50 Overview of Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act
2:22 Explanation of SB 466
3:50 The implications of SB 466
7:56 Comparison of Local Rent Control and AB 1482
8:44 The potential impact of SB 466 on housing construction
9:45 Call to Action