The California Apartment Association urges all rental housing providers to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote no on an anti-housing bill that would rewrite the California Tenant Protection Act of 2019, the state’s rent cap and “just cause” for eviction law.

SB 567 by Sen. María Elena Durazo, D-Los Angeles, goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday April 25. The legislation would dramatically lower the statewide rent cap in the Tenant Protection Act, which passed as AB 1482.

Sen. Maria Elena Durazo

Under current law, the cap on annual rent increases is set at 5% plus the change in the consumer price index, with a maximum limit of 10%. SB 567, however, would lower this threshold, tying the allowable rent increase to either the change in CPI or 5%, whichever is lower.

The bill also would make it more difficult to evict a problem tenant and significantly limits the ability to renovate older rental units. This would make it harder to invest in and maintain older housing and to make important seismic and environmental renovations.

CAA requests that its members help stop SB 567 by contacting members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. To take part in this grassroots campaign, click on the button below.