The California Apartment Association, the nation’s largest statewide trade group for the rental housing industry, has upgraded its website search engine to provide faster search speeds, improved accuracy, and expanded filtering options for its members.

The association recognized that the extensive additions of forms, background papers, webinars, and news articles to its website in recent years had made the site’s search functionality sluggish.

“We realized this was becoming frustrating for our members, and that it was time to turbo charge search,” said Forrest Walsh, head of information technology for CAA. “We’re not done improving CAA’s search capabilities, but this week’s upgrade represents a vast improvement for our members.”

As members begin to use the upgraded search functionality, Walsh encouraged feedback from them.

“We’d like to hear the good and the bad,” he said. “If you’re not getting the results you hoped for, please let us know. We’re ready to make necessary tweaks so that search is easy, fast, and provides the results that members want.”

The upgraded search engine offers quick and easy access to industry news, resources, and forms needed for compliance with state regulations. By improving its website’s search capabilities, CAA is demonstrating its dedication to providing its members with the latest news and resources efficiently.

Overall, the upgraded search engine is expected to provide a better experience for CAA’s members, enabling them to easily access the information they need to succeed in the rental housing industry. Questions or comments? Contact Forrest Walsh at