The California Apartment Association is preparing to launch a revamped website with improved navigation and search tools, faster load times and a more modern look.

CAA plans to roll out its redesigned site in the first quarter of 2021. The association will keep members apprised of the new site launch plans and offer previews of the exciting changes to come.

Revisions to the website will have no impact on member login information or any data they have stored in their accounts.

CAA launched its current website in March of 2015. Since that time, visits have grown dramatically.

In March 2014, the website averaged 800-1,000 visitors per day. Today, it’s averaging 12,000-13,000 visitors daily — a more than 10-fold increase in people coming to CAA for information about the rental housing industry.

During the past few months, the site has had days with more than 23,000 visitors.

“The growth has been amazing, and we have you, our valued members, to thank for trusting us to be your resource for rental housing in California,” said Kevin Pellegrino, CAA’s senior vice president of membership and operations.

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for updates on the new and improved