The California Apartment Association is strongly opposed to a storm-related emergency ordinance approved by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors that halts most residential evictions and caps rent increases in several areas.

The ordinance, which CAA contends is an extension of governmental overreach exacerbating the financial strain on property owners still recovering from the pandemic, passed in a 4-1 vote with only Supervisor Joel Anderson dissenting.

Effective from Jan. 30, 2024, to Mar. 30, 2024, the measure caps rent increases at the rate of change in the Consumer Price Index and is partly retroactive, affecting eviction processes initiated after Jan. 22, 2024. CAA views the current ordinance as an infringement on housing providers’ rights and a misuse of emergency powers, echoing its opposition to a similar eviction moratorium imposed by the county during the pandemic in June 2021.

While opposed to the ordinance, CAA is dedicated to informing its members about the law and assisting them with compliance. To this end, the association has developed a comprehensive background paper, accessible to members here, providing detailed guidance for navigating the ordinance’s requirements.

The ordinance specifically impacts areas within certain ZIP codes, covering both incorporated and unincorporated parts of San Diego County. The affected ZIP codes are:

  • 92113, 92114, 92102, 92115, 92104, 92105, 92111 in San Diego
  • 91977 in Spring Valley
  • 91950 in National City
  • 91945 in Lemon Grove
  • 92118 in Coronado

Only properties within these ZIP codes are subject to the ordinance.