A bill that would re-establish a tax-assistance program for California renters goes before its first committee hearing this month.

AB 2175, or the Renter’s Tax Assistance Act, would provide tax rebates to low-income tenants.

The bill, sponsored by the California Apartment Association and co-authored by Assemblymen Tom Daly and Phil Ting, heads to the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation on Monday, April 28.

The amounts of assistance under AB 2175 would vary based on household income, beginning with $250 per year and capping at $348 per year.

For many low-income tenant households, these sums would equate to one or two weeks’ worth of wages.

It’s only fair that low-income renters receive this type of break. After all, homeowners in California receive significant state and federal tax benefits, including the mortgage interest deduction and the homeowner’s exemption.

California funded a renters’ assistance program prior to 2008, when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger used a line-item veto to eliminate it from the state budget.

As the cost of living in California has increased, growing numbers of low-income tenants have struggled to make ends meet.

It’s high time to restore a tax rebate for these tenants.