More than 100 rental housing providers crowded El Cerrito’s City Council chambers this week to oppose a trio of policy proposals that threaten their investments.

The California Apartment Association mobilized rental housing owners and operators to attend the Feb. 19 study session, which explored proposed policies including “just cause” eviction restrictions, a rent-triggered tenant relocation fee, and a rent registry.

Rhovy Lyn Antonio of CAA addresses El Cerrito City Council members on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

After hearing more than 3 1/2 hours of public comment — most of it coming from concerned rental housing providers — the council postponed further discussion and any action on the proposals to its March 5 meeting.

“The mobilization was something El Cerrito has not seen before,” Rhovy Lyn Antonio, CAA’s vice president of public affairs in Contra Costa County, said after the meeting. “By showing up en masse, local property owners made it clear that they do not support these policies.”

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