In October, the Santa Ana City Council adopted extreme rent and eviction control policies that will hurt the families it is intended to benefit and potentially cost the taxpayers millions of dollars each year. These laws will result in less affordable housing and provide a solid signal for homebuilders not to build in Santa Ana.

The California Apartment Association and the coalition fighting rent control in Santa Ana worked to halt this ordinance and place this issue to a vote by collecting signatures from the citizens of Santa Ana. Today, CAA announced that it would not be submitting the signatures to put this important issue before Santa Ana voters.

“What is ironic is that in 2018 and 2020, proponents for rent control said in their campaign materials to ‘Let voters decide the future of Rent Control in Santa Ana,’ Victor Cao, CAA’s senior vice president of local public affairs, said in this news release. “And yet this year they opposed letting citizens decide its fate. Instead, they engaged in harassment of voters and canvassers, and numerous other violations of state and local campaign and ethics laws that will be detailed in the
weeks ahead.”

CAA is evaluating the next steps and opportunities to challenge or change the ordinances. And through its political committees, CAAPAC and CAAIEC, the association will engage in the 2022 City Council races and work to elect City Council candidates who understand the importance of balanced housing policy and promote common-sense solutions the housing challenges facing Santa Ana. CAA will engage members and the industry on these opportunities in the coming weeks.