The California Apartment Association has defeated an initiative in Tuesday’s election that would have imposed rent control and just-cause eviction policies in Burbank.

As of Wednesday morning, Burbank voters had rejected Measure RC with 63.5% of the vote.

By stopping Measure RC, CAA has protected Burbank’s rental housing industry from a severe form of rent control tied to inflation on pre-1995 multifamily housing.

Among other things, Measure RC threatened to: 

  • Roll rents back to September 2019 levels.
  • Limit increases to CPI with a 1% floor and 4% ceiling.
  • Impose strict eviction controls.
  • Establish a rent commission to oversee the rental housing industry in Burbank with the ability to set rents, determine fair and reasonable returns for capital improvement pass-throughs and establish a fee on rental owners to fund the program.

Measure RC was opposed by a large coalition including every Burbank city council member, local residents, local business owners, local realtors and small housing providers across the region.

CAA thanks the local owners who contributed to this campaign. This win sends a strong message across Los Angeles that rent control is not an appropriate solution to the region’s housing crisis.