To help members comply with AB 1482 and other new laws taking effect this year, the California Apartment Association has created a set of new forms and has updated all existing forms and instruction sheets.

In light of these updates, members should not use forms from previous years.

For a list of forms that underwent substantial changes, see CAA’s Forms Change Chart for 2020.

Many of the major revisions to CAA forms came in preparation for AB 1482, California’s new statewide rent cap and just-cause for eviction law.

For example, CAA has completely revamped its rental agreements. These documents incorporate the provisions required by AB 1482 and include many provisions that previously appeared in separate addenda.

“We’ve merged those in — the things that are most commonly used and that apply to all properties — so that ultimately your lease is going to have fewer pages,” said Heidi Palutke, CAA’s senior vice president for compliance and education.