What is an addendum, and why should California landlords care? 

From a rental housing perspective, an addendum refers to additional terms or conditions added to a standard California residential lease agreement. Common addenda include the pet addendum to address pet policies, a long-term guest addendum to allow a guest to stay longer without becoming a tenant, and parking addenda to specify parking details. The addenda must comply with California landlord-tenant laws and be signed by both the landlord and tenant.  

CAA has 90 addenda available on its website, counting documents in various languages. But which do you need for your specific property and situation? It’s actually among the most asked questions on CAA’s Helpline. 

Determining which addenda are required depends on many factors including: 

  • Applicability of AB 1482 rent control and just cause 
  • The type of rental unit 
  • When the rental unit was built 
  • The location of the rental unit 
  • The property owner’s policies 
  • The resident’s activities 

On April 19, 2023, CAA will present a webinar that breaks down the questions property owners and managers have to ask to determine the addenda they need, and what CAA addenda should (or should not) be used based on the answers to those questions. 

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