The state has updated its COVID-19 rental assistance program based largely on feedback from the California Apartment Association and its members. 

Since the program’s application process opened March 15, CAA has worked with the California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency to improve the application process.

Here are some key revisions:

  • The application no longer attempts to establish a lease extension if rental assistance is provided when the lease (a) has expired or (b) will expire during the period for which assistance is provided.
  • The application no longer requires the tenant to certify that there has been no material violation of the lease by the tenant or any other household member to qualify for assistance.
  • The application no longer states that a landlord may not pursue a judgment for possession or damages for any future nonpayment of rent or nonrenewal of the lease for 60 days after the final month for which assistance is made.
  • The application requires less information about other household members.

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