Looking to Make Your Forms Easier?

Save time, money, & increase accuracy all in one place!

  • Have you ever wanted to auto-fill your CAA forms with data about your property or your resident?
  • How much time could you save having forms that are all auto-filled?
  • Save all files to one document storage area
  • Have your forms electronically signed (10 free signatures per month are included)
  • Have a record of every email sent, signature received, fax delivered!

If you’re not already using online forms, call CAA at 800.967.4222 to establish your account and receive your login information.

We are pleased to offer this free training webinar on using our online forms tool, powered by FormsRus. 

This webinar covers topics such as:

  • How to build your own online lease package
  • How to add or edit property and resident data
  • Autofill features that make creating your lease package as easy as 1-2-3
  • How to email, print, fax  or even submit your forms for electronic signature
  • How to set up your document library so you can reduce your need for paper files

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