Attention: L.A. County rental housing providers

Emergency housing laws are being implemented throughout L.A. County due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cities and the county are taking actions you must be aware of. Long Beach is the most recent city to tighten housing controls. We recognize that we are in unprecedented times and understand that residents who have been affected by COVID-19 need assistance and compassion. However, the use of emergency powers is going too far and failing to consider the impact on housing providers, employees and suppliers.

We need you to organize to ensure these laws remain fair and temporary.  Connect with us to stay up-to-date on information, the facts and how you can take action.

Threats facing L.A. County landlords:

☑ 12 months to pay back rent

☑ No documents needed for deferrals

☑ Regulations applied in every city

☑ State legislation that would reduce rent by 25%

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CAA is building a broad coalition in Los Angeles County to push back against bad housing policies.

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