After hearing from CAA, L.A. creates ‘billing dispute’ system for waste-haul program


Thanks in part to the California Apartment Association, the city of Los Angeles has vowed to improve its beleaguered waste-hauling program and has created a system for landlords and other customers to submit billing disputes.

Since its unveiling this past summer, the recycleLA waste-hauling franchise program has generated a flood of complaints, ultimately prompting a hearing on Dec. 1 before the city’s Board of Public Works.

The hearing spanned several hours and included testimony from CAA members about issues with recycleLA, such as missed pick-ups and skyrocketing rates.

Based on testimony from CAA and its members, the Board of Public Works directed the Bureau of Sanitation to improve its response rate to missed pick-up requests, with plans to hold a follow-up hearing in February to measure progress.

In addition, the board voiced concerns that haulers are not calculating “access and distance” pricing as the city had intended.  Board members also expressed surprise at the extent of rate hikes for many owners. This led to the implementation of the billing-dispute program, which owners can access through this webpage.

Partly in response to the Dec. 1 hearing, City Councilmen Mike Bonin and Mitch O’Farrell have filed a motion to have the Bureau of Sanitation recommend possible solutions to problems surrounding recycleLA, including extra service fees incurred by apartment owners.

Questions? Contact Beverly Kenworthy, CAA LA vice president of public affairs, at

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