Rental housing providers and other commercial clients of Fresno’s waste-hauling franchises are seeing an increase in rates due to a change in state law designed to reduce greenhouse gases. 

This month, the city began enforcing the provisions of SB 1383, a measure aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the amount of organic material, such as uneaten food and yard waste, that ends up in landfills. This strategy includes the introduction of a mandated three-bin system that separates organic waste from recyclables and other trash. 

Enacted in 2016, the law has seen a progressive rollout across the state commencing in January 2022. In line with the requirements of SB 1383, Fresno’s implementation has led to a rate increase of between 10% and 42% per cubic yard for commercial waste management services. 

The rate adjustments in Fresno, vetted and authorized by the city, reflect the additional costs faced by the city’s two contracted waste-haulers, Mid-Valley Disposal and Allied Waste, as they work to align with the new law. The higher fees do not include any markups.  

The California Apartment Association engaged with the city and waste-haulers to help informed housing providers about these changes, with efforts including mailed notices and educational on-site visits. CAA will continue to advocate for our industry and work with the city and waste haulers to ensure our members’ concerns are being addressed as SB 1383 is implemented.

For any inquiries, landlords are encouraged to directly contact their waste management service providers. Mid Valley Disposal can be reached at (559) 567-0520, and Allied Waste at (559) 273-8437. Additionally, CAA’s website offers further resources and details on SB 1383.