A bill aiming to conceal all eviction records from public view failed to secure enough votes to pass in the Assembly Judiciary Committee today. The legislation, focused on cases involving more than $35,000 in unpaid rent, faced opposition from the California Apartment Association.

Assemblyman Alex Lee

AB 2304 by Assemblyman Alex Lee, D-San Jose, proposed to extend these privacy provisions to all eviction cases, regardless of the amount involved. Current law limits this masking to cases of $35,000 or less. This proposed expansion aimed to further protect tenants from negative credit impacts due to eviction filings.

CAA, however, argued that the existing “masking” law, originally designed to shield both landlords and tenants from predatory practices, was never intended to cover situations involving substantial unpaid rent amounts. CAA’s stance is that eviction records, especially in cases involving significant sums, are vital information for landlords in making informed decisions about prospective tenants.

In light of the bill’s failure in the Assembly Judiciary, Lee can request a “reconsideration” vote until April 26.