Tenant activists have again failed to collect enough signatures to place a rent control measure before voters in the city of Santa Ana.

On Monday, Tenants United Santa Ana turned in 2,400 signatures at City Hall — far shy of the 10,909 valid voter signatures required to qualify the initiative for the Nov. 3 ballot.

Rent control proponents blamed the failure on the coronavirus, saying it prevented petitioners from going door-to-door, the Orange County Register reported.

“Time and time again, it’s abundantly clear that voters do not believe rent control will solve the housing shortage,” said Victor Cao, CAA’s vice president of local public affairs, referring to the failed signature gathering drive for a local rent control initiative in 2018 and the near 20-point defeat of Prop 10. Santa Ana voters voted 54% to oppose statewide rent control.

“Santa Ana residents and business owners want real solutions like building more affordable and middle-income housing,” Cao added.