Multifamily properties in unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County are smoke-free as of Sunday, July 1.

In March, the county Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the Contra Costa County Secondhand Smoke Ordinance, which prohibits smoking inside multifamily properties with two or more units. Although the ordinance takes effect July 1, property owners and operators have until July 1, 2019, to amend house rules and make the necessary transition to smoke-free housing before fines can be imposed.

CAA Contra Costa does not oppose the efforts of local jurisdictions to promote smoke-free housing and protect residents from secondhand smoke.

CAA Contra Costa staff worked with the county to ensure that impacts on rental property owners are mitigated and to reduce administrative burdens on property owners and operators.

County staff and the Board of Supervisors were receptive to CAA Contra Costa’s comments and allowed the final ordinance to have the following:

  • A 12-month phase-in period to provide ample time for owners to amend house rules and post signage.
  • Allow the use of CAA’s Smoking Addendum for new leases and renewals.
  • Allow property owners to designate a smoking area within the property.
  • Not require “no smoking” signs individual housing units.

A full copy of the law, signage, as well as information about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke exposure are available through the Contra Costa Health Services Tobacco Prevention Project’s website.

Questions or concerns? Contact Rhovy Lyn Antonio, CAA’s vice president of public affairs for Contra Costa County, at (408) 342-3506 or