Meet the Speakers

Monica Deka, CAA Staff Attorney, presenting the 2024 Rental/Lease Agreement Webinar

Monica Deka

Compliance and Legislative Counsel

Heidi Palutke, CAA Staff Attorney, co-presenter of the 2024 Rental/Lease Agreement Webinar

Heidi Palutke

Education, Policy and Compliance Counsel

Whitney Prout, CAA Staff Attorney, presenting on new laws and CAA forms updates

Whitney Prout

Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs

A pair of webinars hosted by the California Apartment Association this month will delve into the intricacies of CAA’s rental agreement, feature a discussion of new legislation for 2024, and offer a primer on new and updated forms to help property owners stay in compliance with the law.

First webinar: In-depth analysis of CAA’s rental/lease agreement on Jan. 23

Set for Jan. 23 at 10 a.m., the “2024 Rental/Lease Agreement Webinar” promises a thorough examination of the CAA Rental/Lease Agreement. Conducted by CAA staff attorneys Monica Deka and Heidi Palutke, this session will dissect the agreement paragraph by paragraph, highlighting important aspects for effective property management and compliance with the law, including the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB 1482).

Second webinar: Overview of 2024 new laws and updates to CAA forms on Jan. 30

Following this, the “Compliance Conversations – 2024 New Laws and CAA Forms Updates” webinar, scheduled for Jan. 30 at 10 a.m., will be led by CAA staff attorneys Monica Deka and Whitney Prout. Participants will be briefed on the latest legislative changes impacting rental housing in 2024. Topics that will be touched upon include lowered security deposit caps, Section 8 applicant screening rules, and updates to eviction laws, along with a guide to new and revised CAA forms.

Registration and continuing education opportunities

Both webinars are designed to equip rental housing providers with vital, up-to-date information. These sessions also qualify attendees for CCRM Continuing Education Credits.

How to register

For the “2024 Rental/Lease Agreement Webinar,” register here.

To participate in the “Compliance Conversations – 2024 New Laws and CAA Forms Updates” webinar, sign up here.