The California Apartment Association has published its second round of compliance materials to help members navigate San Diego’s newly passed eviction ordinance, as well as forms to comply with the city’s new daycare rights law.

The city’s new just cause eviction law took effect on June 24. It imposes fresh “just cause” for eviction limits for most city residents and outlines rules for tenant buyout offers and agreements, replacing the city’s former “Tenants’ Right to Know” ordinance which had been in place since 2004.

CAA issued its first round of compliance materials for San Diego’s new just cause eviction ordinance in mid-June, prior to the new law taking effect. Those materials included industry insights on the ordinance’s just cause and buyout provisions, as well as forms to comply with the ordinance’s mandatory notice provisions, mandatory exemption forms and an optional exemption form for units built in the previous 15 years.

This new round of materials includes the eviction notices themselves, including:

The Industry Insight that discusses the just cause ordinance in depth has also been updated to refer to these new forms.

In addition to these new eviction forms, CAA has published forms to help members comply with San Diego’s newly passed ordinance which will require all lease agreements within the city to include notice of tenants’ right to operate certain types of daycare facilities from their homes. The ordinance was passed unanimously by the San Diego City Council on July 17 and takes effect Jan. 1, 2024.

After Jan. 1, 2024, the new city law will require every lease “establishing a tenancy” to include the mandatory disclosure of the right to operate a family daycare home. That language leaves some ambiguity as to whether the new disclosure will need to be incorporated into existing rental agreements or is only required for new and renewing agreements. Given this, CAA has created a Notice of Change of Terms of Tenancy (Form SD-014) to add the notice to existing month to month rental agreements and recommends using that form to ensure compliance. For new and renewing lease or rental agreements, CAA has created the Notice of Tenant’s Right to Operate a Daycare Addendum (Form SD-015) to provide the required notice as an addendum to the rental/lease agreement.