The California Apartment Association on Tuesday persuaded the Burbank City Council to keep the current relocation fees that owners must pay to tenants when terminating a lease to move into their own property.

This decision occurred during discussions about an urgency ordinance focused on terminations related to substantial renovation projects, a separate matter from owner-move-in evictions.

The ordinance, initially drafted by city staff, proposed to increase tenant relocation fees from one month’s rent to three months’ rent for all “no fault” lease terminations. The draft initially included owner move-ins as part of this provision.

Matt Buck

Matt Buck, CAA vice president of public affairs in Los Angeles, provided a crucial clarification during the council meeting. “I pointed out that the City Council’s intent was to address for substantial remodels and that owner move-in situations are fundamentally different,” Buck said.

As city staff moves forward with drafting a permanent ordinance concerning tenant protections for substantial remodels, CAA continues to actively engage with both staff and council members to advocate for the interests of rental housing providers.