Own a single-family rental home, townhome or condo in the city of San Diego?

Ignorance is not bliss — it’s a liability 

If you own a single-family rental in the city of San Diego, make sure you have the resources you need to comply with three pivotal laws affecting the property owners.

Key laws for single-family owners in San Diego

California Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482)

What’s It About? Since 2020, this law limits rent increases to 5% plus inflation (maximum 10% yearly) and specifies the conditions under which you can evict a tenant.

What Single-Family Owners Should Know: Owners of most single-family rentals can skip these rules, but only if you inform your tenants in a certain way. Forget to do this, and you must follow the law’s rent and eviction controls. To claim this exemption:

  • The rental can’t be tied to other dwellings in its official title.
  • Owners can’t be certain corporate entities, like real estate trusts or some LLCs.
  • Tenants must get a written heads-up about the exemption. Need a form? CAA’s got you covered.
San Diego Just Cause Eviction Law (2023 update)

What’s It About?: San Diego’s 2023 update only lets landlords evict for specific reasons. It expands upon AB 1482 and replaces the city’s older “Tenant’s Right to Know” law.

What Single-Family Owners Should Know: Again, owners of most single-family rentals can sidestep this law, but only with the right notice to tenants. If you miss out on this notice by Jan. 1, 2024, or for any new lease agreements after that date, you’re bound by this law’s eviction rules.

San Diego Day Care Notification Rule

What’s It About? By 2024, all landlords in San Diego must tell tenants they have the right to run a family daycare in their rental.

What Single-Family Owners Should Know: If you own a single-family rental, this rule applies to you.

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CAA believes it’s crucial that single-family landlords like you have the forms and notices necessary to comply with AB 1482, the city’s just cause for eviction law and the daycare ordinance. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive packet available through the link below.

By downloading this exclusive packet, you’ll gain:

California Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482)

San Diego Just Cause ordinance

San Diego Day Care Ordinance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this compliance packet really free?

Yes, the “Just Cause Eviction Compliance Packet” is a free resource. We believe in empowering single-family rental owners with the essential tools and information they need to navigate San Diego’s complex housing laws.

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Your email address will be used to send you a link to download the compliance packet. You’ll also start receiving CAA’s bi-weekly electronic newsletter, the Rental Housing Report, which provides valuable updates on housing laws and regulations, as well as relevant rental housing news at the local and state level. You may also receive occasional promotional materials from CAA and political calls to action through which you can help CAA protect your investment. We respect your privacy and will never share your email with third parties.

Is CAA just for apartment owners?

While our name includes the word “apartment,” the California Apartment Association is committed to representing the entire rental housing industry, including owners of single-family homes.

What other resources does CAA offer?

In addition to compliance packets like this one, CAA provides a variety of resources such as Industry Insights papers, educational resources, forms, news articles, discounted insurance and a lanldord helpline focused on legal compliance and best practices for rental property owners.